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We help companies hire great sales people

As sales recruiters, we help hundreds of companies in the Far East every year find and hire great sales people who have an immediate impact on revenue.

Because we recruit sales people, we also know how hard it is for companies to identify, attract and retain top sales talent.

Our job is to recruit sales people that will hit their sales quotas, fit in with your sales culture and stay with your company for a long period of time.

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About PSR Consultancy

Where Great Sales Teams Begin

Professional Sales Recruitment Consulting is a sales recruiting company which specialises in the recruitment and placement of sales professionals to far east based companies. We work in varied industry sectors from financial services to pharmaceuticals and believe our Hiring Process can help you find the right sales person for your organisation.

Sales is the most critical component of every organisation and hiring great sales people is challenging. We help companies save time and money by finding the right sales person quickly and ensuring your organisation hits their sales targets.

We know Sales People Because We Are Sales People

We know how to identify sales people because WE ARE SALES PEOPLE. Our unique screening process ensures only the top sales people are presented, saving your company time and money. Whether you are looking for your next VP of Sales, Sales Manager, Business Development Manager or Account Executive, we will find you the best sales person quickly.

We recruit sales people for all industry sectors including, Financial Services, Consumer Products, Medical Devices, Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing, Software sales and many more. If you are recruiting sales people and want to hire the top sales talent, we will find them.

We have been involved in recruiting, hiring, training and managing sales people for over 20 years. This gives us a unique ability to judge talent and help employers reduce the risk and cost of making hiring mistakes.

Partnering With Our Clients

We partner with companies to not just fill a role, but to find the best individual for your company, culture and industry. We work closely with the hiring managers to provide them with interview questions, candidate profiles and assessments and compensation consulting services to ensure they attract and retain top talent.

Our Process Makes the Difference

Our unique process of screening, interviewing, assessing and presenting candidates mean that you as an employer are meeting the best possible candidate for your company, department and role. Our innovative pricing structure shares the risk of making a hiring mistake with our clients. That’s how confident we are that we can find the right sales person for you! Read More...

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