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We help companies in the far east hire great sales people

As sales recruiters, we help hundreds of companies every year find and hire great sales people who have an immediate impact on revenue.

Because we recruit sales people, we also know how hard it is for companies to identify, attract and retain top sales talent.

Our job is to recruit sales people that will hit their sales quotas, fit in with your sales culture and stay with your company for a long period of time.

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Why Us?

Search our site. Talk to our people. Visit our office. You will see it all around you. There is a buzz about our organization and its not a fluke. We take our approach to the sales recruitment business seriously. Our goal is to be the best sales recruitment firm in the industry and our clients are telling us were on our way. PSR Consultancy has been recognised as one of UK’s fastest growing companies. To help us get to the top and stay there, we keep an eye open for great sales people that can achieve great results.If you think you are a fit for us, Click Here.

What We Do

At PSR Consultancy our primary goal is to help our clients achieve greater results with their sales teams. We work with top employers across Europe, many of whom come to us because of our reputation, thought leadership and best practices in the sales recruiting industry. We strive to build long lasting partnerships with our clients by learning and understanding their businesses and matching them up with their ideal sales talent. As a result, a majority of clients are repeat customers.

Our Culture

We meet with a lot of clients and candidates and often culture is a deciding factor when determining fit. PSR Consultancy is no different. We have a defined culture and it starts with our core values. We are who we are because of our people. We learn from each other, laugh with each other, enjoy success with each other and challenge each other, on a daily basis. In order to attract and retain top talent, we understand we need to take care of them. From flexible work hours, to complimentary snacks and beverages to listening to our people and implementing programs at their request, This is a place where top sales professionals want to work.