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PSR Consultancy is an international search and recruiting firm with a reputation for helping professional sales men and women around the world discover and secure their dream job. Our expert hiring recruiters provide candidates with access to hundreds of leading businesses and organizations in different industries. We harnesses our extensive industry connections, expertise in recruiting and consultation services and exclusive access to executive hiring managers in your service, wherever and whenever you need us.

With veteran recruiting specialists, PSR Consultancy offers job seekers entry into a world of private positions and opportunities unavailable to the public.

Our industry insiders function as your connection to jobs that will never appear on job boards or internet web portals. With our comprehensive network of hiring professionals and our twenty-year history of search and recruiting success, companies throughout Asia trust us to help them meet their sales staffing needs and grant us authorization to offer their opportunities to candidates like you exclusively through our firm.

For the past twenty years, PSR Consultancy has been helping people land the job of their dreams. Each of our executive recruiters shares our philosophy that satisfied employees add immeasurable value to their company and materially contribute to its success. To this end, our hiring professionals work in training, recruiting, and placing qualified candidates in jobs where they will truly excel with employers and meet their own career goals. Hundreds of managers, sales consultants, and executive job seekers have invested in their own success by relying upon us to make their professional aspirations come true.

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