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We help companies in the far east hire great sales people

As sales recruiters, we help hundreds of companies every year find and hire great sales people who have an immediate impact on revenue.

Because we recruit sales people, we also know how hard it is for companies to identify, attract and retain top sales talent.

Our job is to recruit sales people that will hit their sales quotas, fit in with your sales culture and stay with your company for a long period of time.

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Job Seekers Frequently Asked Questions

What Type of jobs do you recruit for?

PSRC is a sales recruitment firm that specialises exclusively in sales positions. Typical sales jobs include VP of Sales, Sales Manager, Account Executive, Account Manager, and Sales Representative.

Do your job postings include 100% commission jobs?

Yes, although most of PSRC’s clientele have a base salary, we do, on occasion, have clients that recruit for commission-only jobs.

What types pf companies do you recruit for?

We recruit sales people for small, medium and large Fortune 500 companies in all industries including Financial Services, Manufacturing, Technology, Pharmaceutical, Business Services and more.

We recruit exclusively for companies based in the far east.

Does it cost me anything to work with you?

No, there is no cost to the candidate. We receive payment from the company for helping them hire a great sales person.

How often do you get new job openings?

We add new postings for sales jobs to our site several times a week.

Can I submit my resume without applying for a specific job?

Yes. You may click here and submit your resume. Your resume will be stored in our database and you will be contacted once an opportunity matches you experience and skills.

Do you contact everyone who applies for a job or submits a resume?

PSRC makes every effort to contact as many applicants as possible. However, due to the large number of sale professionals who apply to our site each day, we first contact the candidates who meet the specific job requirements identified by our clients.

What is the interview process?

If you are selected for an interview, the first step will be to meet with a PSRC recruiter. The interview will involve a series of questions about your background and interests so we can assess your selling skills and determine if you are a good fit for the sales role. The next step will be an interview with the company and the type and number of interviews will vary depending on the company.

Do you help me negotiate my employment offer?

This depends on the company. In some cases the company will deal with you directly to finalise the offer, and in others PSRC will play a lead role during the offer phase. Either way, PSRC will stay in close contact with you throughout the entire process.